Video Production

We now offer video production in addition to our animation services. Let us help your organization get your message out to the masses through video. When was the last time you heard of an issue paper going viral? Our videos communicate information in a much more accessible and fun way .

Don’t even know where to start? We’ll brainstorm some creative concepts that get your message across in a way that you may never have thought of.

Script Development
After we have decided on the concept, we will develop a script that delivers your message in an attention-getting way.

We can handle your production from filming to editing. We can find the talent and hire the film crew.

Launch Coordination
We can work with you to coordinate the launch of your video to help it reach as many viewers as possible. We will research key words and phrases that should be utilized in the launch, and coordinate with social networking sites, blogs, YouTube, and other appropriate sites. Creating a fantastic and memorable animation isn’t enough, we help make sure that your message reaches its intended audience.

Please view our video page for samples of our work.