giving back

We believe the best way to reduce poverty and suffering is through entrepreneurship and capitalism. In times of natural disaster, donations of food, money and clothing are necessary, however, this strategy only works in the short-term and can be harmful in the long-term. Communities do not become prosperous because of foreign aid, prosperity must come from within.

Charities we support do one or more of the following things:

Create jobs and sustainable business

The ultimate goal is for people and communities to be self-sufficient.

Teach skills that empower people

This fosters a sense of purpose and builds self respect.

View people as capable beings, not helpless objects

We must help local entrepreneurs innovate. No one knows better what a community needs than those living in it.

Help establish rule of law

Entrepreneurs must have protections to ensure what they have created will not be stolen from them.

Help those who cannot advocate for themselves

This is why we support animal rescue organizations and charities that work with the developmentally disabled.

Our Causes

MAMCO Rescue


Lakewood, Colorado


Moms And Mutts: Colorado Rescue For Pregnant And Nursing Dogs. I adopted my sweet girl, Fonzie, from Mamco Rescue so I have a soft spot in my heart for them.

The  MAMCO mission is to provide shelter for pregnant and nursing dogs who have been surrendered or abandoned in Colorado and surrounding states.

They are a foster based, 501c3 non-profit rescue, dedicated to the health and wellbeing of dams and their litters. They see rescue dogs through pregnancy, birth (whelping), nursing, weaning, and adoption. In addition to providing necessary care, they also work to socialize, train, and evaluate each dog to ensure that they find permanent forever homes.  This involves establishing close and trusting relationships with volunteers, adopters, and the community.

Mountain Tiger Martial Arts


Arvada, CO


This is an organization near and dear to Clockwise Media Group. We have been long time supporters of the program and worked with them to develop their logo.

Mountain Tiger Society provides recreation and community safety skills for adults and teens with developmental disabilities. Through the martial arts, they offer physical benefits including exercise and coordination. Perhaps more importantly they offer many psychological benefits. Students develop meaningful social connections, a sense of belonging, situational awareness, and verbal skills for avoiding problems in the community. Most importantly, they have fun while gaining the benefits of an appropriately-paced martial arts curriculum.

By most estimates, individuals with developmental disabilities are ten times likelier then the general population to become victims of abuse, crime, or sexual assault. Mountain Tiger classes include role-playing exercises so students can practice navigating challenging situations.

The awareness, safety, and confidence skills offered by Mountain Tiger Society give students an important mental advantage in a sometimes dangerous world.

Each martial arts class taught by Mountain Tiger Society includes physical exercises and basic martial arts training (for example, stances, blocks, and self-defense techniques) designed to improve coordination, confidence, and physical health. Each class is tailored to the needs of the individuals in attendance, and we strive to maintain a teacher or volunteer to student ratio of at least 3:1.

Each class also provides the opportunity for social skills training such as impulse control, need recognition, communication, hygiene, and other pertinent living skills. Every Mountain Tiger Society class ends with a role-playing exercise in which students can explore safe responses to everyday challenges in the community.

It is the goal of Mountain Tiger Society to become not merely a martial arts school, but a source of strength, pride, and belonging for each and every student. All of their weekly classes begin with that goal in mind.

Step Denver


Denver, CO


Step Denver is a men’s residential recovery community that helps low-income men overcome the consequences of addiction and rebuild their lives through sobriety, work, and accountability. The ultimate goal of the Step Denver program is to have its residents transition to safe, sober living environments where they may become productive, contributing members of their communities.

Step Denver provides a structured environment that offers addiction recovery programming based on the Peer Recovery Support Model. Men participate in Recovery Education Groups, 12 Step Fellowship Meetings, and are assigned a Recovery Support Manager that assists the residents in setting and reaching goals in all areas of their lives. In addition, Step Denver offers its residents life skills training that includes physical fitness, nutrition, financial budgeting, and family restoration, along with recreational and spiritual activities, to help provide self-care and life balance. Through our partnership with Goodwill Industries, residents have access to education, counseling, opportunities and placement for employment, and career development.

Guiding Principles

  • A person cannot be helped to overcome their addiction until they are ready to take personal responsibility for their past, present, and future actions.
  • Personal responsibility – without dependence on another individual, organization, or the government – is fundamental to one’s dignity and self-worth.
  • A Hand Up, Not A Hand Out – Assisting individuals in taking personal responsibility for making the necessary changes in their lives without dependency on any person, organization, or institution.
  • Work Works – the philosophy that effort in all facets of one’s life, including gainful employment, is the foundation for success.
  • Any system that takes responsibility away from a capable person dehumanizes that person.
  • Peer Recovery Support – having others who have had similar experiences to assist in the recovery process – is an important component for long-term recovery.

World Vision


Uxbridge, UK


I have sponsored children through World Vision since 2004, starting with Gnilane in Senegal. I currently sponsor Adam, also in Senegal.

World Vision supports those in need in so many ways including education, healthcare, clean water, child sponsorship, disaster relief, economic empowerment and more. 

World Vision partners with communities for 15-20 years. They listen to the unique concerns of each community and then empower them to become self-sufficient so they can provide a sustainable future for their families. Then they leave and move on to another community to help more children.

World Vision helps families grow food and gain self-sufficiency with resources like:

  • Livestock and training to keep animals healthy and thriving
  • Farming tools and drought-resistant, locally adapted seeds to raise bountiful crops
  • Training in management of natural resources and improved agricultural techniques, like drip irrigation and crop rotation, to improve yields and ensure sustainability
  • Training in finance management and business strategies to grow their farm and business, including access to markets, cooperatives, small loans, and savings groups
  • Access to information about weather, animal and plant diseases, and market fluctuations to ensure resiliency to risk