Golden View Classical Academy Logo

Golden View Classical Academy is a Core Knowledge Classical charter school that opened in Jefferson County, Colorado in 2015. The school boasts a rigorous academic curriculum grounded in the classics. Before the school opened, we worked with the founders to develop marketing materials to attract parents to sign the “Intent to Enroll” forms to prove to the local school board that there was sufficient demand for the school. Our first order of business was the development of the logo. We created a custom illustration of a Roman horse that ties together the classical curriculum of the school with the western heritage of Colorado.

Golden View Classical Academy opened their doors on the first day almost fully enrolled. There is currently a long wait-list for parents who want to enroll their children.

We continue to partner with the folks at Golden View to create most of their printed pieces including flyers, invitations, stickers and many other items. The students all wear uniforms with the GVCA logo proudly displayed. One of the GVCA polos even made it into the Land’s End catalog.