Independence Institute Website

The Independence Institute is growing by leaps and bounds; expanding their staff and their influence. They recently moved into a new building in downtown Denver that has become a meeting place where organizations from both sides of the political spectrum gather to find common areas in the world of policy. While II as an organization was modernizing and moving forward, their website was stuck in the last century. Their policy centers were broken out into individual websites, all of them vying for the title of “most-cluttered”. The new site pulled all of the separate policy centers into one, easy-to-navigate website.

One of the things that sets the Independence Institute apart from other policy organizations is their fun and irreverent nature. They take policy seriously but don’t take themselves too seriously. We had a bit of fun with staff pages where in addition to the standard bio, we highlight staff members’ favorite books, quotes, movies and interesting facts about each person.

The site was launched in March of 2016 and saw an immediate spike in traffic. Daily site visits more than doubled in the first five months and continue to increase. The new site has dramatically increased the number of people submitting their contact information for the mailing list. The most dramatic change however, is the increase in online donations. Donations increased by 50% in the first three months after launch and 300% after five months.