School Choice For Kids Website

We were hired to redesign the School Choice for Kids website in 2016. The site was packed with useful information for parents but suffered from an outdated design. We transitioned all of the pages to a customized WordPress template and reorganized the content in a more logical, user-friendly way. The site incorporates a language plugin as the content needs to be accessible in both English and Spanish.

The website has a search tool for parents to find public schools within a 10-mile radius of a specified address or zip code. Parents can search by multiple criteria including core knowledge, language immersion and classical.

School search results are listed in a text column with the corresponding schools denoted by pencil graphics and displayed on a map.

Many of the pages, like the Open Enrollment page, utilize a toggle button which, when clicked, opens to display the information in that section. This allows for a better user experience that does not jump the user to an anchored spot farther down on the page.